Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380

The airlines have been raving about their Airbus A380 aircrafts these days but I have not really seen that much difference at the economy class. There were probably a lot of changes at the business class and first class but not as much at the lower deck economy class.

I know that the Airbus A380 had a lot of differences from the other aircrafts like it is the largest passenger airliner now. It is bigger, wider, faster, quieter, and has more space than the other aircrafts.

But sitting at the economy class, I did not see thoses differences at all. I felt like I was just sitting on one of those airlines that I have been flying with before just like the Boeing B777.

I spent my spring vacation in the Philippines last year. So, I was one of those passengers flying with Singapore Airlines’ A380-800 when the A380s were first operated on the Singapore-Zurich-Singapore route last year.

Singapore Airlines has been flying its A380-800 in other countries but not on the Singapore-Zurich-Singapore route until March of last year, on March 28, 2010. It was the first time that the “Superjumbo” made its way to Switzerland.

I thought I was fortunate to be flying with A380 but when I saw the economy class I just thought to myself that there was really nothing special about the A380 at the economy class.

I did not even feel that the seat has more space than before. I did not go to the upper deck so I had no idea what it was really like there.

The ethernet and USB capability for example, I have seen that already when I was flying with Singapore Airlines’ Boeing B777-300ER in 2008.

Well, I hope that the next time I fly with Airbus A380, I get to see the upper deck and see those differences that the airlines have been raving all this time.

More information about the Singapore airlines’ A380 at Singapore Airlines’ A380 Milestones.

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