Scotland Summer Vacation 2008

It was Summer time in 2008 when we went to Scotland for a golf vacation. We visited several places in Scotland like Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Inverness, Oban and Hawick.

We got to see the Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, The Old Course in St. Andrews, the Inverness Castle in Inverness, and going back home, we even went to Leeds Castle in Maidstone in Kent, England.

As the places that we went to were not really near from each other, we really had to travel for hours from one region to the other region. With that, we were able to have a sightseeing tour of the regions like the Scottish Borders, Kingdom of Fife, Highlands region, and Argyll and Bute region among others.

But we did not just play golf in Scotland. There were instances that we did not play golf at all, like in Oban and Hawick. We went to Oban just to visit the Oban Distillery. We went to Hawick just to buy Hawick Cashmere pullovers.

Anyway, in the next few days, I will be writing about our 2008 summer vacation in Scotland.

I hope you could virtually travel with us to Scotland!

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