Singapore Changi Airport 2010

I took Singapore Airlines when I had my vacation in the Philippines in Spring 2010. So, I had a stopover at Singapore Changi Airport for a few hours going to the Philippines.

The plane, Singapore Airlines Airbus 380-800, docked at Terminal 3. Once I got out of the plane, I still went around the shopping area before going to Terminal 2 where I took my flight from Singapore to Manila.

I had the opportunity to take pictures in Terminal 3 while going around the shopping area and afterwards in Terminal 2.

I prefer to fly to the Philippines via Singapore because Changi Airport is quite very convenient from one terminal to another terminal.

Singapore Changi Airport is probably one of the best international airports in the world.

According to its Website, “In a short span of 7 years since Changi’s opening, Terminal 1 received its first recognition as the world’s best airport from Business Traveller (UK) in 1988.”

For more information, visit Changi Airport Website.

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